Things Fall Apart

We all have our own interesting life stories, some might be along the lines of, When Harry Met Sally or Bridget Jone’s Diary.  And, still others might be akin to Sleepless in Seattle or even Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  The movies that most resembled the first part of my life were Clueless turned into Dante’s Inferno.    I went from being raised by a loving family, highly educated, and dedicated to a lifelong dream…which turned into a nightmare. You could say my story is both an emotional roller coaster, and an unexpected cautionary tale that explores themes of family, religion, and education, superimposed over the work of adoption and surrogacy, federal investigations, and prison.

Things Fall Apart - Wisdom Restores

Things Fall Apart is a tale of despair and hope, of innocence and naiveté combined with ambition and obsession. But most of all, this is my true story, with all the facets of a real human being who has seen her life’s dream shattered, and came out the other side again. Things Fall Apart is available in paperback and eBook formats at Amazon.