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contact-pageI love to chat and always welcome contact, whether it’s an opinion, comment or question. Whether you want to share some suggestions about this site and how it can be improved, or simply want to tell me about your own triumph from adversity story; I am all ears. I love hearing ideas about how I can make my site more valuable to you, and I am always open to creative thoughts, inventive notions or inspirational stories. Want to see more tools, programs, articles and interviews? Just let me know! This site is constantly evolving, and as a member of my network, you’re a valuable part of the process. Email Response I love to sit and read through each and every email I receive, but please do be aware that I receive a lot of them! So, while I try to respond to each and every person as quickly as possible, it can sometimes take a few days to get a response. Thank you for being so patient! Interviews and Speaking Events If you’d like further information about setting up an interview or speaking event, please get in touch via email, and include the specifics of the interview or event. I’ll get back to you as swiftly as possible. Social Media and Other Ways to Chat You’ve found my headquarters right here on this site. However, I am also on some of the major social media sites! You can follow me, like me and generally chit- chat with me on:

You can also get in touch via Skype, by phone, or even by the good old fashioned snail-mail! Feel free to send me things in the post, from chocolates and flowers, to letters, to singing gorillas (I’ve always wanted one of those). You can contact me by post at this address:

Box 575 Mclean, VA 22101

Phone: (202) 688- 5921
I look forward to hearing from you!
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