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    Challenges are a part of life. There will come a time in all of our lives where we will get knocked down by adversity. A situation will arise that will knock the wind out of our sails, leaving us feeling frightened, angry, frustrated or even depressed. In these times of difficulty, there’s always the option to quit. However, if you’re a real fighter like us, you’ll never lay down and take it, regardless of how tough things might seem.

Support… right here. If you’re ready to take control and fight back, I’m ready to help you. I know how tough it is. Being knocked down by challenges can be hard. Incredibly hard. Rising again, like a phoenix from the flames, can be so hard. However, it is possible and you can do it. You can learn from your losses and live to fight another day.

Beating negative emotions Our minds are extremely powerful, but sometimes, they can work against us. Your mind may trick you, convincing you to doubt yourself, telling you that you can’t succeed. For this reason, it’s important to train your mind to work with you, not against you. Get your mind on your side, and you’ve got the greatest friend you’ll ever need to help you get through this. Remember, your experiences don’t define who you are as a person. Instead of seeing your challenges as judgment, determining whether or not you’re a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ person, see them as simple feedback. Past troubles and adversity only tell you what you need to work on; in the same way that past successes tell you what you did well. Whether you have small or large losses is completely irrelevant. Your hardships are just one small step in your long journey of life.

How I can help Your fight is your own. I can’t make the trouble go away, and I can’t fight that battle for you. However, I can be your partner in the ring. I can help you to get back up every time you’re knocked down; and to confront the challenges head-on. In each of my training options, we’ll be focusing on your success, and helping you to rise up once more, and live your life to the full.

Training Options:

Single session. Are you going through a challenge, and just want someone to talk it through with? Perhaps you feel like you don’t need ongoing coaching… just some extra support. If so, this single session is for you. We’ll have a 60 minute call together, to discuss:

  • Your feelings and emotions. You’ll be given the chance to give voice to your emotions and explore them further.
  • Gentle questioning. Through gentle, non-challenging questioning, I’ll encourage you to examine your current situation and think about how you can bring about positive change in your life.
  • Tools and techniques. You’ll learn some valuable techniques and tips, designed to help you manage your situation and overcome your current adversity.


3 day intensive. Getting through difficulties is never an easy task. If you’ve been knocked down hard, you may be finding it tough to get back up again. Let me help you to discover how to stand on your two feet again and face your adversity with renewed courage and confidence. We’ll have three 60 minute calls together, in addition to emails between calls. Our work together will be action-packed, focused on the future, and results-orientated. This will include:

  • Voicing emotions. Through gentle discussion, I’ll help you to give voice to your emotions and to gain better understanding of them.
  • Interactive discussion. We’ll talk about your situation, and I’ll offer helpful pointers on how you can turn things around.
  • Tips and techniques. We’ll focus on giving you the necessary tools and techniques to change your life for the better. Remember, I’ve been where you are now, and I know how to help you tackle these problems with bravery and resilience.


3 month course. If you really feel as though you’ve hit rock-bottom and you cannot see the light, no matter how hard you try; this course is for you. After 3 dynamic, explosive months working with me, you’ll be back to living the life you love, and knocking out whatever challenges dare to cross your path! During our 3 months, we’ll have twelve 60 minute calls together, plus emails between calls. This will include:

  • Helpful discussion. Through talking, you’ll gain better understanding of your emotions, and your responses to certain situations.
  • Tools and techniques. You’ll learn how to overcome even the most challenging adversity, and how to improve your self-confidence and natural resilience.
  • Assignments and worksheets. I’ll provide you with additional material to help you to transform your life completely.

Whatever the challenge, remember, there is hope; and there is a way of making thing better. Get in contact with me today to find out just how you can start changing your life and getting back on track once more.